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For those with relatives, friends, or coworkers in the military:
When Someone You Love is Deployed, by Susan Dunn.
Having someone you love deployed, whether child, partner, relative or close friend, is extremely stressful (Read the rest of the article here)
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Community Health

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Communicable Disease/Immunization

  • Communicable disease information - From the Wisconsin Division of Public Health, Communicable Disease Epidemiology Section

  • Immunization Safety, from the Institute of Medicine

  • American Nurses' Association Innpower - All you need to know to keep you up-to-date about immunizations!

  • Put Prevention Into Practice - A guide from the U.S. Agency for Health Care Policy Research to encourage immunizations, screening, and counseling

  • The Vaccine Page - Up-to-date site with the latest on all vaccinations.  Check out their news page, in conjunction with Yahoo

Community Health Organizations

Environmental Health

General Health Information

  • Health Guide USA - A comprehensive directory of online public and general health resources

Health Policy

  • Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care - Reports on health policy and trends

  • The National Health Law Program - Legalities of race, poverty, and health care

  • StateHealthLinks - a State by State Guide to Online Health Resources, with links to state and local health departments, professional associations and accredited health education schools, all of which are organized on a state-by-state basis. 

Health Statistics

Community Health Books from Amazon.com




Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention, by Becky Sisk (2002)


Domestic Violence, by Becky Sisk (2003)


Immunization Update, by Becky Sisk (2002)


Teaching Parents and Teachers About Head Lice, by Becky Sisk (2002)


Governmental Sites



     United Kingdom

  • NMAP - The UK's gateway to health information; comprehensive site with health information and statistics.  

    State Health Departments


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[Bioterrorism] [Communicable Disease/Immunizations]

[Environmental Health] [General Health Information]

[Governmental Sites: Australia - Canada - United Kingdom - USA

[Health Policy] [Health Statistics (including state health statistics sites] [Homeless Health] [Mental Health] [School Health] [Screening]