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For those with relatives, friends, or coworkers in the military:
When Someone You Love is Deployed, by Susan Dunn.
Having someone you love deployed, whether child, partner, relative or close friend, is extremely stressful (Read the rest of the article here)
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Health Promotion 

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  • Women's Fitness - From India and the US (St. Louis), lots of information about exercise and fitness; owned by Olympian Namita Nayyar

Health Promotion Sites

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality "Put Prevention into Practice (PPIP)" Program - Guidelines for preventive care, including screening tests, immunizations, and counseling, based on U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendations

  • Health Promotion Advocates - Multidisciplinary group advocating for increased emphasis and funding for health promotion

  • Healthy People 2010 Information Access Site

  • Healthy US -  Focus on physical fitness, nutrition, prevention, risky behavior

Holistic Health Sites 

  • BodyPulse.com - Provides health-oriented articles, plus information about nutrition, relationships, spirituality, and much more.

  • Dee-Stress - by Denise Shaw Coryea, M.Ed.,  featuring health and wellness programs for corporate and community audiences.

Nurse Theorists - Health Promotion


   Nola Pender (Health Promotion Model (HPM)

   Cheryl Cox (Interaction Model of Client Health Behavior)

  • Home page at University of Massachusetts, Lowell


Smoking Cessation

Hints for Smoking Cessation


The following suggestions are gleaned from the American Lung Association website and other sources:

  • Remember that a smoker has both a psychological and a chemical (nicotine) addiction.
  • Use multiple techniques when quitting -- try anything that does not compromise your health.
  • Costs of smoking cessation programs vary. Check with your insurance company to see if the cost is covered.
  • Why do you want to quit? Write it down.
  • Set a date to quit but make it a usually low stress day.
  • Make a list of things you can do instead of smoking (taking a walk, chomping on ice chips, playing with your children, anything you can come up with).
  • Ask friends and family to help you by not tempting you and by giving you "space" when you need it.
  • Visualize your very clean lungs.
  • Think of yourself as a nonsmoker!
  • Reward yourself for progress (avoid food, though).
  • If you usually have a cigarette and drink after meals, stop. Get up from the table and clean up, or take a walk, or anything else on your list of things to do instead of smoking.
  • Buddy up with someone who has quit and ask them to lend an ear when you feel you are weakening.
  • Talk to your primary care provider about medications and patches.


(Note: We will feature websites that provide information on relaxation, prevention of disease, and well-being in this section, but no sites selling vitamins, herbs, or the like.)


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