For those with relatives, friends, or coworkers in the military:
When Someone You Love is Deployed, by Susan Dunn.
Having someone you love deployed, whether child, partner, relative or close friend, is extremely stressful (Read the rest of the article here)
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General Medical Sites

  • Alternative Medicine Home Page - Links to legitimate alternative medicine information as well as information on fraud and quackery

  • AMEDEO - Subscribe to abstracts of the latest medical information in several categories; free - requires free registration
  • Chronic Illness - ChronicIllNet -provides information on numerous chronic illnesses
  • Combined Health Information Database - Search several US government resources with one engine
  • eMedicine - Search several online journals; an evolving site that appears to be free 
  • eMedicine's eTools - Great site, full of algorithms, calculators, tables, scores, and much more
  • - A growing list of medical journals
  • - All about gastric tubes, by Denise Boyd.  Features extensive information and support and dedicated to Denise's daughter, Alison
  • Health Information Network  - International resources; links to medical article searching
  • Internurse - British online nursing journal with articles on clinical practice
  • Iron Overload Diseases Association, Inc. - A nonprofit organization devoted to hemochromatosis
  • LibWeb - Access libraries from 100 countries

  • Medical Matrix - Medical search engine; requires paid registration

  • MerckMedicus - Particularly good to access to the online Merck Manual and  Unfortunately, you must be a physician to access some resources on this site (sigh!), but take advantage of the resources you can use
  • Medical Algorithms Project - An astounding website with over 3500 algorithms, defined at the site as "any computation, formula, survey, or look-up table, useful in healthcare.
  • MedlinePLUS - From the National Library of Medicine
  • Medscape - Comprehensive information, a newsletter for nurses

  • National Institute of Environmental Health

  • Pathology guy - Figure out what is going on in your patient
  • Help your patients who can't afford their medications:  RxAssist - From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a means to find your patients affordable medications
  • The Virtual Hospital - Fom the University of Iowa, an outstanding site

Medical Dictionaries

Lab/Pathology/Xray Sites

Teaching Aides

 [General Medical Sites] [Medical Dictionaries]  [Pathology Sites] [Teaching Aides