For those with relatives, friends, or coworkers in the military:
When Someone You Love is Deployed, by Susan Dunn.
Having someone you love deployed, whether child, partner, relative or close friend, is extremely stressful (Read the rest of the article here)
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  • Take charge! Lead your class or meeting to success, Cathy Goodwin (2003)


Accreditation Bodies (Higher Education)


Nursing Students with Disabilities Change the Course

by Donna Maheady, Ed.D., ARNP


In this book, eight nursing students with disabilities (hearing loss, paralysis, scoliosis, and Crohn's disease) share their journey through nursing school. Issues related to disclosure, accommodations, and reactions from faculty, patients and other students are discussed. An Individualized Nursing Education Program is developed for each student. A resource section for nursing students with disabilities and nursing faculty is included. The book is available from


Accreditation Bodies (Nursing)

Active Learning Strategies

Building Web-based Courses

  • eLearnSpace - A free resource site with information about the factors that impact e-learning, knowledge management, and technology

  • Merlot Health Science - Teaching tools for faculty in the health sciences.  Requires free registration

  • Section508 - Resources for understanding and implementing the requirements of Section 508 (web-accessibility)

  • Stephen's Web - An array of technology and learning trends and links

  • Student Support

  • WebAIM - Resources for assuring web-accessibility

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0  - Includes a web accessibility checklist

  • Web Tools - Tools for effective educational presentations

  • Web Tools for Learning - Site for web-based instruction from the City University of Hong Kong; free software, lots of information

  • Web Tools Newsletter - A goldmine of past issues on planning web-based courses, plus instructions on how to subscribe

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  • Instructional game templates, University of Michigan School of Nursing: Trivia board game, Family Feud-style group quiz game, Memory card game, Bingo,  Simon Says, Crossword puzzles, quiz cards, and Jeopardy

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Plagiarism/Copyright Page at NurseScribe


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  • LXR test 

  • PARTest

  • A++

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  • Power Point Links - Examples of games developed at the Hillsborough, New Jersey School District

  • - Ideas and tools for innovative teaching

Textbook Evaluation -See our Textbook Evaluation Page 


Books on Teaching from


A Nuts-And-Bolts Approach to Teaching Nursing


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by Schoolcraft & Novotny (2000)



Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing


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by Gaberson & Oermann (1999)



Clinical Instruction and Evaluation: A Teaching Resource


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by O'Connor (2000)



McKeachie's Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers


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(11th Ed.), by McKeachie & Hofer


A Handbook for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Enhancing Academic Practice


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(2nd. Ed.) by Fry, Ketteridge, & Marshall (Eds.)


Taxonomy for Learning, Teaching, and Assessing, A: A Revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives


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by Anderson & Krathwohl (Eds.) (2000)


Charting Your Course: How to Prepare to Teach More Effectively


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by Pregent (2000)



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[Clinical Education & Evaluation] [Critical Thinking Resources]

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