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For those with relatives, friends, or coworkers in the military:
When Someone You Love is Deployed, by Susan Dunn.
Having someone you love deployed, whether child, partner, relative or close friend, is extremely stressful (Read the rest of the article here)
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Pediatric Resources

[Adolescence] [Allergies and Asthma] [Assessment] [Cardiac Disease] [Critical Care] [Diabetes] [Infections/Immunization] [Mental Health] [Mental Retardation/Special Needs] [Neurological Disorders] [Normal Growth and Development/Parenting] [Organizations]

Children's Health Fund - Nonprofit organization; website includes "Healthy B.A.S.I.C.S", an effort to provide health education  brochures, lesson plans, and parent’s guide suitable for children and families of all backgrounds.



Allergies and Asthma


Cardiac Disease

  • Cardiovascular Assessment - From the University of Florida.  Comprehensive explanation for cardiovascular assessment of children included

Critical Care



  • Infectious Diseases In Children - From Slack, Inc., publisher of the journal by the same name. A comprehensive site that requires free registration to access editorials, a monthly case study, clinical articles, and monographs on clinical topics.

  • The Vaccine Page - Up-to-date site with the latest on all vaccinations.  Check out their news page, in conjunction with Yahoo

  • American Nurses Association INNpower page - Provides the most update information on childhood immunizations and emphasizes the importance of getting infants started on immunizations as recommended.

  • Childhood Immunization Schedule - From the CDC

  • Fact Sheets on vaccinations - From the CDC 

  • Immunization Safety, from the Institute of Medicine

  • Thimerosal in vaccines, from the FDA

  • Thimerosal News Information on the correlation between brain damage and autism that may result from the exposure to the organic compound form of mercury contained in Thimerosal. Vaccines containing Thimerosal and current legal suits are also reviewed (Another view!)

Mental Health

Mental Retardation/Special Needs

Neurological Disorders

Normal Growth and Development/Parenting


Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention, by Becky Sisk


Grieving and Healing Resources, by Robin Nobles


Immunization Update, by Becky Sisk


Teaching Parents and Teachers About Head Lice, by Becky Sisk

Pediatric Nursing Books from Amazon.com


Neonatal Nurse Reviews and Resources


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by Griffin (June, 2003)

Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing Care (5th Edition)


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by Ladewig, et al. (2001)

Student Workbook Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing Care


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by Scott Bourn Associates, et al. (2001)

Maternal-child Nursing Care


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by Wong, et al. (2001)

Study Guide to Accompany Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing


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by Murphy & Wong (2000)

Pediatric Nursing: Caring for Children


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by Ball & Bindler (Eds.) (2002)



[Adolescence] [Allergies and Asthma] [Assessment] [Cardiac Disease] [Critical Care] [Diabetes] [Infections/Immunization] [Mental Health] [Mental Retardation/Special Needs] [Neurological Disorders] [Normal Growth and Development/Parenting] [Organizations]